Handcrafted Trinkets & Jewellery.
Amber's Organics new line of skilfully, handcrafted, fair trade Jewellery.

Amber's Organics new line of handcrafted items. This is my new line of skillfully, handcrafted, Fair Trade items that have been created with sustainable materials and natural fibers. The items are just beautiful created on a scenic tropical Island capturing the very essence of deep blue oceans and bright, radiant, sunlit induced skies.  As always these are offered very cost effective to you.

Handmade Jesus Cross with Brass Beads Leather Slip-Knotted Bracelets

Handmade Jesus Cross with Brass Beads Leather Slip-Knotted Bracelets

From $8.00

Stylish Simplistic Natural 2-Toned Brown Coconut Shell Wood Stretch Bracelet

These are handmade Stretchy bracelets. These are the Eco warriors item to be wearing, they are just beautiful, very skillfully crafted. The beads are made from real coconut shell.

From $3.50

Flower Black Coconut Shell Wood Wooden Stretchy Bracelet

These are beautiful, quality, handmade stretchy bracelets made of coconut shell and coconut wood. The perimeter inside the bracelets are stretchy and approximately 5 1/2 inches.  The the widest parts of the bracelets is approximately 7/8 inch. These are lovely to wear and are guaranteed to get your a few complements.

Sustainable materials.

From $4.00

Beautiful Hand Size Handcrafted Resin Elephant Teak Wood Trinket Box - Gift <3 Store - Jewels|Guitar Picks|Smudge

These are boxes made of teak wood, the wood famous for its great resistance to insects. The elephants are made of resin. The boxes are 3 3/8 * 2 1/4 * 1 3/16 inches. (please allow 1/8" different because they are handmade)


Plumeria Flower Coconut Shell Wooden Keychains & Tiny Purse

Plumeria has always been a part of the Hawaiian culture. For Hawaiians, plumeria represents perfection and the bond between everything good.  in addition, plumeria is of the symbol of new life, spring time and re-creation of nature.

From $4.50

Beautiful Brass and Turquose Oval Artificial Stone Slip-knotted Leather Bracelets

Beautiful Brass and Turquoise Oval Artificial Stone Slip-knotted Leather Bracelets. These are handmade leather bracelets.

From $7.00