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Donation Basis. Hand Sanitizer.

Apr 7, 2020

1 bottle per order only. Thank you.

Donation basis. You choose with no pressure, pay what you can afford. All funds go into making more so that I can donate free bottles to those in need. Some examples. Bottles are offered to: Nurses|hospital staff, homeless individuals, those with susceptible low immunity, the frail who are house bound, anyone who has no available means to purchase the items needing to stay safe.

The cost of ingredients is high and it is hard to get hold all I need due to shortages and so I do thank you for supporting my efforts. Limited supplies.

Organic Vegan Basic Natural necessity Hand Sanitizer Aloe + Plant Extracts.

Contains a beautiful blend of Anti bug and anti bacterial, anti Viral essential oils.

Simple, clean, softens does not dry. With all of this hand sanitizing you need to make sure your hands do not get chapped. I use the best ingredients but still use a FDA suggested amount of alcohol to prevent viral spread. This lovely blend is like no other because it is produced with a deep consideration to you and your welling and with a sincere heart toward humanitarian projection.