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Somethings New!

Jul 16, 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all coping out there. 2020 has been quite an eventful experience so far and I am sure many of you have been under great stress, all I can say is keep going. It's a time when we all have to pull together and unite as one doing our best to bridge the gaps of disharmony that seems to seeking to tear us apart. I am here to work for you just please understand I too am human, I am a one Woman run business, I do every task myself and I do it with great detail, and so I ask for your patience. I am doing my best for you at ALL times.

On a practical note, hand-washing and cleanliness are imperative, my soaps have been my best selling products this year, I can barely keep them on the shelves. I have been extremely busy mastering sanitizing bars for every ones needs and preferences. I do hope that this small selection out of my new seasons collection (that rhymes!) will bring at least some joy to your wash times. I must admit, even I look forward to trying my new bars. I am using my new Farmer's Smart Kit Exfoliant Over Tone at the moment, I just love it, hands, feet, face, my skin is glowing, another success, but YOU can be the final judge.

New! Naturally Organic, Farmer's Smart Kit Exfoliant Over Tone - Pumice. Apricot. Anti Aging Oils.

Naturally Organic, Garden Party Raspberry Mint Soap.

New! Naturally, Organic Elegant English Garden Soap.

New! Organically Yours Midsummer's Sweet Tea + Clover Blossom .

New. Organic Jungle Fruit Gum Soapsters Bar + Strawberry Seeds.

New! Organic Elle Peaches Apricot Lavender Creme + Illite Clay, Kaolin Clay.

New! Organic Summer Love Bathing Bar - Fruits + Musk Haves.

New! Organic Thug Bug Custard Crème Repellant. Travelers Emergency Head 2 Toe Bar.

New! Impressionable Organic Flutter Flower Empowerment Blooms.


See them all on my soap collection page.

Lots of love and don't give up.

Amber - Your British Ally.