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Still on 10% Discount - Happy V Day!

Feb 14, 2021

Just, anything you want, 10% off. Valentines is coming soon it is a special day. Code - Val10U

Here are a few options.

New! Organic Collagen Repair + Milk Beta Hydroxy Acid Luxurious Lather - Anti-Aging Wrinkles, Sagging, Renew. Hand-Mastered Bold 5 oz Bar Soap

New! Organic Antioxidant Smarts Carotene Complete + Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, + Vitamin A Pre-aging Serum

Organic Rooibos Superoxide Dismutase. DMAE + MSM Antioxidant Mineral Serum

Organic Luxury Hydrolyzed Silk + Rosewater "Silk Lift" Serum adds Silken Sheen Improves Elasticity + Resilience. Primer

Organic Connoisseur Café Creamy Combination Carob, Chicory, Herbs + Fine Spices - caffeine free

New! Organic Relax to the Max - Bags of Peace Through a Pandemic Blend

Keep warm out there. It is so cold here in San Antonio.

We have spent the last few (frozen) days trying to make extra houses for the stray cats outside, I plead with you to do the very same, anything to keep these animals warm. I am so grateful most of my strays are in the catios now. I have still made some spare box houses for any random strays, a few of the feral furs are using them already, it really warms my heart to see them a little safer and warmer. I am so glad I invested in this catio, what a step up from last year. I made them some pet friendly hot water bottles which they love to cuddle up next to. Cat happy, owner happy.

Praying for everyone to stay warm and extra safe.

Lots of love.