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Mother's Day!

May 8, 2021

Just for Mother's day here is 10% off site wide.

This is what is new!
Wedding belle is back and so much better! A new Honey oatmeal gets double dose of honey to keep summer skin beautiful. While loaves last!
I will be listing my new soaps and teas so watch out for those. Honeysuckle eve. Pineapple mixer. Mango status. Neroli blossom + Chamomile. Plus,- a new antioxidant under eye and face cream too, you need to protect your skin when out in the blazing sun. I have a new AHA aloe cleanser due to be launched within the month, gentle but with power to lift if the toughest grime and leave skin as soft as baby's. This is so fresh.

Out this week my new DMAE biodegradable glitter masque with ginseng! This is not just fun but it really works. The Bio glitter adds a little exfoliant and fun. The ginseng - Ginseng is also a brilliant overall complexion booster. Its roots and leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, allowing them to metabolise skin cells and help get rid of dead skin cells to produce healthy new skin, it combines with the power factors of DMAE to create a supreme facial rejuvenation.

Tea time! Try out the new tea for a pandemic, it's a fantastic tea for now, pass it on to your work colleges. Also - Organic Mint Memory Max Brain Rejuvenate|Mental Fog|Slump, Balanced Herbal Tea, memory gets a little hazy get a good dose of this.
Another goodie - Organics Peace + Present. Build strength and endurance this power blend of goodness will enhance your over all sense of wellness, I love this.

Keep a look out for all of my new products available, it takes time to get them listed I do get so busy.

Lots of love!

Lady Amber.