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Time flies! 2021!

Jul 24, 2021

It's good to be back! I know, I have not kept up with my newsletters but it's been all go since the pandemic turned our worlds all over the place. Things are not back to normal and probably they never shall be, regardless, we should view this as an opportunity to work with changes for the good of humanity. The darkness in this world is apparent at this time, as long as we stand upright and act, seek and infuse all which is righteous consistently, at least our part will notably rise as a influence of light. We are the change - this statement is undeniably true.

Anyway, back to Biz! I have a great new selection of newbie products to share. I am sure your skin/hair is suffering with this changeable weather and on going stress, mine has. Next newsletter will be the new listings list and without a doubt there are always more on the go (can I stop?) Have a look over these pages for the recent additions. The teas are fantastic. Soap gets better and better. Skin care is always fabulous serious stuff.
Skin Care.

Also in the next issue, take a deep breath. Whilst I tend to keep my prices at a very reasonable level for the well-being of my customers, over these past two years the pandemic has hit a global economic uncertainty I am going to been adding some additional costs to some products, DON'T PANIC! This will not be in any shape of form limiting in your ability to get what you need, I am balancing out costs as much as I can to offset any noticeable changes. I always have your best interest at heart.

Until next time keep very safe and despite everything, live life amazingly.

Lots of love.