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Tea is Healthy!

Nov 22, 2021

Whether your joints hurt, your brain is full of fog, your energy is at an all time low, I have created a tea for everything that might ail you at this time. Pop over to my page for some fresh teas to revive and restore you back to better. These are all exclusively creatives by only my fair hands. Let me know your thoughts and what else you think I should be making for the Winter months.

New Organic Joint Juice Herbal Supreme Tea Formula - Healthy Joints.

Organic Mint Memory Max Brain Rejuvenate|Mental Fog|Slump, Balanced Herbal Tea.


New! Organics Peace + Present. Build strength and endurance

New! Organic Trio Triage Kidney Tonic Tea - Hydrandea, Gravelroot + Marshmallow.

Lots of love!

Lady Amber.

Amber's Organics LLC makes exclusive tea just for you. This is freshly prepared tea is made in the USA (by your British Ally) and produced in small, fresh Certified Organic batches to ensure complete potency and vibrancy of sustaining product. All recipes are exclusive to Amber's organics (formulated and originated by Amber, unless otherwise stated) and created at the AO tiny apothecary.