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New store needs attention.

Jan 29, 2022

The new store is up and running. More beautiful products will be added. I hope you love the efficiency of the shop-around.

Posh Parlour Please visit my new website. https://posh-parlour.myshopify.com/


The Store Has Roots

"Posh products aspire to unrelenting passion, delirious drive, fast falling from the elaboration of nature's abundance. Each uniqueness bathed in collective rich intensities of ripe enthusiasm, molded and mastered from prime quality, viable ingredients, each seek to be the very best. Posh products are complex, a refined Art craft, studiously evolving, strong and determined as "dandelions grown through concrete." Lady Amber.


Fueled by Eco sustaining passion, moved through humanitarian vision.

AO The Posh Parlour is a planet provider, protector and cruelty free Animal welfare online store, offering high end products and considerate service to customers from the comfort of their own homes anywhere on the globe. This exemplary business is made up of an English Woman who's now USA based. Lady Amber's a faith driven innovator and forward-thinking visionary with the drive and wherewithal to constantly regard and improve your health and natural appearance through her fountains of expertly crafted and majestic remedies.

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