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The healing salve sanctuary at Amber's Organics.

Feb 16, 2022

Don't let those minor upsets, upset you. Try some of these. Exclusive, hand-created in the tiny herbal AO apothecary.

The healing salve sanctuary at Amber's Organics.

The Medicine Cabinet.

These small batch, freshly prepared solar oils have been made using organic high quality herbs and selected oils. They seep for many weeks (or months) to absorb the essence of herbs while sitting in the sun (and under the Luna moon) drawing into them the rays of solar healing powers and the divine calming effects of the moon. They are skillfully hand-crafted and exclusive to Amber's Organics there is no one else who sells or crafts these specific oils, they are truly unique. My salves and solar herbal oils have many benefits individually and can be used on the most tender skins including children, the fragile skin of the elderly, the delicate skin of those who are ill, they are also excellent for pets and animals. I have had many customers request specific massage oils, so the collection grows all the time as these requested formulas are sold on for the benefit of others, tried, tested and usually approved. My collections have been created for not just massage but for localized stimulation of certain areas of the body, including the lymphatic system and circulatory channels, moving in harmony with blood flow. I have several botanical blends that are beneficial to different ailments of the body and can be used to treat many conditions, and just as with my basic therapeutic massage oils they are pure enough to use daily, conditioning and improving the skin, healthily. Each item has many other beneficial side effects you may just love!

My picks.

   New! Organic Balm of Gilead Salve

Balm of Gilead is a poplar bud from the cottonwood trees. These resinous and beautiful smelling cottonwood buds are analgesic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. All those properties are able to help on sooth the skin irritation, ease pain, and keep infection away.

Organic LIPFIX Lemon Balm Cold Sore/ Herpes/ Inflammed/ Sore Remedy

Now in a quick fix solution carry around tin.

A light day and night salve that can naturally help in the healing and decreasing of cold sores/fever blisters and herpes viral outbreaks. This is a very gentle and effective herbal remedy. Made with the fine oils, organic Lemon balm leaves, fresh beeswax, natural preservative and the EO of pure ravensara oil.

Organic Devils Claw Whippped Ointment - Arthritis, rheumatism, myalgia, back pain

The root of the devil’s claw has been widely used in popular medicine thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and the German Ministry of Health has approved its effectiveness against arthritis, among other painful joint conditions.

Organic Mountain Arnica + Wild Rosemary - Muscle Exhaustion/ Aches/Pain

Any one suffering from aches, pains, body bruising and general muscle exhaustion needs this amazingly powerful salve that is blended with two medicinal herbs know for their great powerful benefits. Great for children, the elderly and even pets!

Organic " Ditch " Anti-itch/rash Salve with Remedy Ready Herbs
   Organic " Ditch " Anti-itch/rash Salve with Remedy Ready Herbs

Cools, decreases itch and sting sensations, relieves inflammation, reduces redness, softens and restores skin and increases rapid healing and cell rejuvenation. Minimizes site infection, redness and swellings.

Organic Black Seed Nigella sativa L.Miracle Ointment

The Black Seed is being used widely both in Ayurvedic and local medicines from very early times, from the era of Ascetics (Rishis) up to the present day because of its wonderful remedial value. The ascetics who have recommended it for various ailments have also prescribed it for pains and aches experienced in different parts of the body. The wonderful curing properties of Black Seed have now been proved by Scientific research.

Organic Attuned Artists Herbal Hand Survival Salve. Made for Artists of eternal creativity

My new intensive herbal hand formula for the Musician, the Artist, the Gardener and all of the Artists of eternal creativity. Specifically created for Gifted Hands!

Comfrey moisturizes and soothes skin intensely at the deepest levels, the allantoin in comfrey promotes skin cell rejuvenation, repairing damaged areas. Any "Attuned Artist" knows that our hands are our gift, we work, we create, we play, we build, we craft, we grow, we use them all the time as an aid to release our talents and in that time of creativity throws they get chapped, sore, irritated, the joints get stiff and swollen, fingers become dry, painful and blistered, the complications are endless. With this in mind I created a stronger Comfrey infused formula for Artists alone, but I can recommend that anyone will benefit from this intense wonder. The miracle herb also helps in the repair of broken bones and fractures, it is referred to as Knitbone because of it's bone repairing benefits.

   Organic Mullein Verbascum thapsus & Critical EO Care Salve For Hemorrhoids.

I created a simple salve of mullein for my own use and was delighted to find that it worked well as an instant reliever of pain for small cuts and scraps, and was also an effective rub for sore muscles and relaxation.

Wounds: Mullein oil can be used to help wounds heal when applied externally. Ear infections: Mullein may be used to treat ear infections. Hemorrhoids: Mullein may be used to treat hemorrhoids.

   Organic Immunity Protector Massage Oil " IMMUNOIL*

When your immune system is under par, or while going through flu, cold, bugs and sickness, try this essential blend to restore balance and health within your body. Can be massaged over throat for sore throats, chest for infection of the respiratory system, swollen lymph gland throughout the body. Across the spleen and liver. You can dab it on your wrists at pressure points and on your forehead throughout the day. it is an amazing blend!

Organic Herbal oil Infusions. Custom Picked Oil

Have an ailment? Need a herbal oil? Try my fresh oils on hand.

As the largest organ, and the first level of protection for your body, this large mortal "sheet" is the only thing that separates us from the outside, your skin requires special attention to build up its strengthen and to toughen your defenses. It absorbs everything you put on it, so it pays to use natural skin care products according to your skin type. The best thing you can do for your skin is a whole-body oil massage in the morning before you shower. The ayurvedic massage oils I create not only tones the skin, but improves circulation and helps flush out toxins from the physiology. To prevent the aging effects of the sun on your skin, do not expose your skin to strong sunlight. Favour exposure to the early morning or late evening sun only. My most revered herb for skin has to be Comfrey.