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Humid Hair need smoothing?

Jun 21, 2022

My hair takes a beating here in TX, this weather makes me look rather wild when the weather heats up. I created these natural products to smooth out the horrors of humidity.

I just love this formula, it works wonders.
Organic Fullnominal Shine Green Tea Rooibos + Charcoal + MSM + Pro Vitamin B5

A conditioner enhanced with brassica campestris/aleurites fordi oil, which provides an intensely hydrating and smoothing effect, and soothing organic green tea, rooibos, clarifying activated charcoal and strengthening hydrolyzed protein, pro-vitamin B5 and super-boosting MSM. This is plant power packed!

Organic BanAfruiToniKals Deeply Intense Hair Masque - Banana Juice, Oat Protein, Castor oil, B 5

A deep conditioner to rehydrate hair. Apply to hair after washing for up to 20 minutes or more. Rinse. Leaves your hair soft and smooth preventing breakage and damage, helps to repair split ends and controls frizz.

Damaged, split ends


Thirsty, dehydrated hair

Lack of softness, shine.

New! Organic Control Custard + Growth Factors. Wild Hair + Curls with English Poppy|Brassica|Safflower Oleosome

A nourishing styling cream for shiny, smooth, silky, bouncy hair. Great for curls and to tame those wayward locks, it smells gorgeous too. Suited for gender neutral use.

New! Organic Lux Hair Serum Wow Whip Fenugreek, Rosemary, MSM, B5, + Brassica

Suits: Hair loss/ balding/ lack of growth/ falling hair/brittle/weak/damaged/fine/thin/weak hair.

Organic Hot Locks Lux Hair Serum Hair Tonikoils Banana, Rosemary, Oat Protein, B5

The most wonderful serum for your hair (or for those you LOVE!) an exclusive, just been created (yes!) hair serum that works to make your hair even more beautiful, thick and healthy. The serum is in a glass bottle, so no worries (no plastic ) Organic Hot Locks Lux Hair Serum Hair Tonikoils Banana, Rosemary, Oat Protein, B5, it is amazing, lets get your hair back to beautiful. The serum has a lovely light fruit, banana scent that is all natural.

Organic "IShine" Luxurious Hair Oil - Moringa & Prickly Pear Light and Nutrient Rich Brings Hair to Life!

A luxurious and natural hair detangler, overnight treatment for unruly hair or dry scalp, or use on dry un-showered hair to liven it up & de-frizz. Packed with virgin moringa oil, prickly pear oil, bergamot, geranium, and rosemary oils for deep, natural nourishment.

The collections can be found at this link. Please ask if you have any questions regarding your hair type.


Lets get our hair looking smooth, healthy and glossy again.