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Get your glow on!

Jun 9, 2023

Organic Ayurveda Turmeric + Red Sandalwood "Body Glow" Best Seller!
Get a glow for summer.

Organic turmeric which has many antiseptic and healing, beautifying properties especially when mixed with organic red sandalwood. These both, have been used by Indian woman for centuries to enhance facial and body beauty. Red sandalwood know as Rakta Chandana has been in Ayurvedic medicine for many centuries as it's benefits include being a powerful antiseptic, it also has helped in reducing the unsightly scars left by acne and other skin complaints.

To this blend I have added a choice selection of circulatory herbs and spices that will bring a rush of blood your skin leaving a glow of health. Nutrient rich dead sea salts are added for their restorational detoxifying skin benefits, organic essential oils of lemon, orange and jasmine bring a lingering scent to your skin, these oils are recognized as being exceptionally skin enhancing and beautifying.

This Ayurvedic mix helps detoxify the skin and also exfoliates.....powerfully. You will notice a radiance and sheen to any dull complexion. This scrub fights acne and skin infections, cleans and repairs, it helps heal wounds and helps remove acne scar tissue damage.