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Eye Revival Cream - Bags, Sags, Dark, Wrinkle?

Oct 31, 2023

New! Organic Cucumber Distillate + E Hydro Caffeic acid + Vitamin C Quencher Eye Revival Cream - Bags, Sags, Dark, Wrinkle, Dull Eye Care
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New light eye targeted cream to sooth and renew those precious eye areas. gentle and soothing.

Vegan Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Gluten-Free No preservatives No GMO

Gorgeous pure Cucumber distillate ( hydrosol water) combines like a dream with vitamin E, Hydro Caffeic acid + Vitamin C, + essential butters to form a light cream that is perfect for around the eyes and mouth. The delicate blend boasts cooling, de-puffing benefits to soften the appearance of dull, aging skin tones and lift darkening skin tones, it adds a little touch of moisture glow to wherever you apply.

May Help to decrease: Crows feet, wrinkled, sagging, crepey, dry, stressed, damaged, dehydrated, dull, dark tones around eye, mouth and skin areas

To apply. Dot lightly and gently allow the mix to melt, blend in upward strokes.


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