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Nov 26, 2023

Organic "Hot Shot" Decongestant/Stuffy Head/Circulatory/Health Shot.

Get this down you. If you dare.

Hot Shot - Dare to Dabble! Hot and spicy, sprinkle and gulp fast!

Naturally body stimulating spices for a circulatory boost, health & wholeness flush.

Take when you have severe congestion, stuffy nose and sinus issues, blocked nose, sore head, or colds and flu. This remedy can be drunk slowly if needed but the boost comes with the fast shot.

Clears stagnation, removes congestion, fights infection, anti-inflammatory, increased blood flow, stimulates the circulation, natural pain killer.

Use. Heat till HOT a small cup ( shot cup preferably) of water .Sprinkle a tiny dash of Hot Shot, stir well, and add honey or lemon if needed BUT neat is BEST! Once the drink it cool enough to take gulp down, and let the flush begin!