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LOOK! Turmeric KoJic Gello Rejuvenoil

Dec 3, 2023

A long awaited addition to my facial wash line.
NEW! Organic Turmeric KoJic Gello Rejuvenoil Finishing Facial + Body Wash + Underarms

Don't be dull, try this one.


Hand-created fresh Small Batch USA Vegan - Paraben-Free - Phthalate-Free - Gluten-Free

Kojic Acid is well known for gentle brightening over time. AO created this line to target skin that may be problematic, has darkened from deodorants, age, illness or shaving. KoJic Wash is formulated to help combat darkened underarm skin, and fight odour. The wash is a excellent facial cleanser.

Created for severe skin issues such as acne, adult acne, inflammation, severe irritation, blemishes, scarring, uneven skin tones and skin infections. Also suitable for all to normal skin types that need maintenance care. Naturally brightens the complexion over time. Mature types this is also a choice for you.

Contains the powerful extracts of Organic Turmeric oil and Kojicl. This mighty mix also has been infused with repairing rosehip oil, and soothing aloe gel to decrease inflammation, swelling and redness.

Turmeric soothes skin of all ages, boosting your youthful glow while helping to rejuvenate tired, dull skin.

Amino acids and Vitamin E combine with other antioxidants to rejuvenate skin

What else can this wash do?

Adds a glow to your face.
Slows down aging
Reduces acne and redness, soothes inflammation.
Lightens skin tone.
Tightens pores.

Tip! You can also use the wash for your hair!