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SALE - on lemongrass cream!

Dec 17, 2023

Lemongrass + Abyssinian Sweet Almond Cream

The solution to winter dry skin. ON SALE!

Naturally Preserved lemongrass + Abyssinian Almond Cream. Tones, Refreshes, Renews, Evens Skin Tone.

The gorgeous light cream is naturally preserved which makes it safer and so much healthier for your beautiful skin.

The scent is very mild, suitable for those unable to tolerate strong scented products but who wish to still benefit from the amazing ingredients.

100% naturally preserved. My natural cream blend uses leuconostoc (radish foot ferment filtrate), lactobacillus, and cocus nucifera (coconut) fruit extract. Leuconostoc is an all-natural broad spectrum antibacterial agent that is produced from radish roots. Lactobacillus is an acidifying, anti-microbial, anti-fungal peptide producing agent that is commonly used in cosmetics as well as in the fermentation of food products like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut. Cocus nucifera (coconut) fruit extract is a widely used humectant with moisturizing properties. It is commonly used in both all-natural cosmetics and the food industry as well. You are safe!