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Be heard!

Aug 1, 2016

NEW! Organic Herbal Throat Smoothie - Singers/Talkers/A Voice to be heard tea.

There are many joys to sing about in this life, there are many causes to speak up for, words to be shouted for justice, for peace, to protect, to warn, to enlighten and to love. The spoken word is a mighty tool when used correctly, it can bring light to darkness and darkness to its knees. The human voice has much work to do in one short period on earth, it needs to be nurtured and restored to its full capability. Many illnesses, dietary errors and environmental factors can contribute to soreness, hoarseness, loss of tone and clarity, and vocal pain or tenderness. When ones voice is dulled it can be a dramatic challenge to the individual.

My tasty tea has some of the most powerful ratio blends of herbs to help in the healing of your throat.

Out now! See this delicious tea under " tea & Tisanes".