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A Free Butter Bar when you spend over $20.00

Aug 9, 2016

Amber's Organics handmade soaps are based upon high quality herbal infusions, essential oils and exclusive natural oil blends. The soaps are nourishing, softening and non drying when used as body or facial soaps. The sweet scented (or unscented, as you choose) soaps are extremely cleansing, pore de-clogging and deeply restorative to the complexion, they are mildly exfoliating gently scrubbing away dead skin and revealing over time a beautiful new appearance. Some of the most sensitive as well as the most damaged complexions has been amazed by the magnificence of the soaps ability to work at a personal level of skin rejuvenation. These high quality soaps make the perfect hydrating body wash, they are long lasting when stored correctly and naturally respectful to skin, and of course less destructive to the environment. The lavish soaps suit all skin types including those with dry, damaged, hypersensitive, sore, irritated and sensitive skins, oily and blemished, acne aggravated skins or those suffering serious complaints such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. We handcraft these cold processed soaps from scratch using raw natural quality materials and adhering to old fashioned techniques because this works best for your skin.