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New products for the seasons ahead.

Sep 18, 2016

There are some amazing new products coming up in these next few weeks. Before Christmas the complete list should be apparent on the website. Please text for details.

Christmas Soap - Smells like Christmas. In stock, on website this week.
AO Exclusive Lebanese 7 spice - Health beneficial & flavourful meal enhancers.
Trikatu Powder - Ayuvedic detox/digest formula.
Balm Of Gilead Anointing Oil (My rarity)
Catuaba Bark tea. Amazon tonic & Aphrodisiac
Gingko Biloba Tincture - Brain, Memory, Concentration.
Bacopa Tincture - Brain Repair. (late this year)
Flowering Chamomile Buttery Balm - For all kind of skin ailments, rejuvenates the skin.
Horseradish powder - Perfect for Christmas Meals.
Yellow Mustard Powder - Easy to make.
Original porridge oats - The most tasty.
Popcorn - tried, tested and loved!
Hulled Millet Grain - A wholefood for health.
Spelt Flour - Most nutritious wholefood.
Spelt Coffee - Delicious, made exclusively by AO (Amber's Organics)
Amber's Organics Muesli - Filled with complete goodness!
Peppermint & Tea Tree Body Powder - Now in stock!

..... and that is not all. More soon!