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NEW! Organic Black Botanical & Fruit Acids

Nov 3, 2016

This BB & fruit acids facial cleanser is sulfate-free and paraben-free. The texture is black and viscous, with a great slip, and the gel foams with application. It's packed with exfoliating organic fruit extracts that are perfect for chaotic skin. It cleanses deep down in the depth of those pores and can reduce facial chaos. The cleanser has gentle skin lightening fruit extracts and natural exfoliants to support the renewal of healthier skin. Activated charcoal is a dirt magnet that lifts dirt and grime leaving your skin squeaky clean and clear. It is high in natural vitamins and nutrients to feed your skin back to health.  Love it, love your skin more!
Look at just some of the wonders in this amazing cleanser.
Lavender flower water.
Orange peel extracts.
Activated charcoal.
Rooibos leaf.
Roman chamomile water.
Lemon peel extract.
Provitamin B5
Cranberry fruit extract.
Bilberry extract.