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Nature’s Own Valentine.

Feb 14, 2017

Nature’s Own Valentine
Taken from a collection of poems and daily thoughts
Poems of the Earth

The dawn awakening, sunrays like
Golden shoes dancing upon the silver
Gossamer web.
Golden whispers radiant
From the sun as she beams
Her love upon the awaiting trees
Of green and of brown trunk.
“I love you forever, and I am always
Here for you,” she whispers.
Birds rest upon a silk-like golden beam
 To sing a song of love which echoes
Far beyond the realms of now.
“I love you forever,” calls the grass of green.
“Forever,” echoes the flowers of grace.
Babbling streams glisten within the warmth of
Gold and silver love.
Nature entwined with arms unseen,
Kisses soft and undetected.
“I love you forever.”
Words spoken deep within Nature’s call.
“I love you forever,” words spoken by youth and
Maidens fair as they stand amongst it all.

-Caroline Dawn Soffe