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New options for rose balm!

Jun 22, 2017

Scent choices and relevant prices are available now in the options scroll down.

Now with a hint of tint and a Free Lip Brush

Added bonus. Apply lightly to cheeks for a very slight glow and sheen.

Organic Rose Petal Vanilla & Glycerine Lip & Cheek Balm - Soft Lips Formula & Hint Of Tint

This is a beautiful blend of freshly picked organic rose petals that have been seeped in golden olive oil for weeks to bring out the beautiful effects of the natural rose, it is then added to pure beeswax and vitamin E to produce a delightful balm ideal for dry, cracked, sore, sensitive, damaged lips. it restores fullness and volume on and around the lips with its nourishing ingredients, it soothes and softens, smooths and defines, it reveals more young looking and beautiful lips and it's all pure and natural. Use sparingly this balm can also be used on the face or cracked sore hands or skin it is an all around balm with vast uses, carry it where every you go for a quick top up.

Now with a hint of tint and a free lip applicator.

From $3.99