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New teas for inner issues!

Sep 7, 2017

NEW! Organic Blackberry Tea - Inflammation. Mouth/Throat/Gut/Skin

Blackberry tea has proven beneficial as a remedy for diarrhea, a gargle for throat inflammations and a compress for wounds and rashes. This delicious herbal tea also helps regulate both heavy and light menstrual flow and is a gastrointestinal soother.

Since ancient times the leaves of the blackberry plant have been used curatively, especially throughout Europe and Asia. For example, two thousand years ago, the Roman army doctor Galenos had his soldiers chew blackberry leaves to strengthen gums and build up physical resistance; today we know it was the vitamin C and tannins in the leaves that he was counting on to boost immunity and heal wounds.

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NEW! Organic "Battling Belly" Herbal Tea Abdominal Cramps & Mild Diarrhea

This tea regulates bile flow and relieves intestinal cramping and mild diarrhea. It is also a first-aid remedy for queasiness and nausea.

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