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Do you have a short and inspiring story?

Sep 25, 2017

Keep sharing! We have only just got started. Please send me your story direct to my email if you want to be featured, a picture too if possible.

Do you have a short and inspiring story about your personal healing experiences, big or small? Did you find relief or recovery from a particular product, a rare plant, protocol, or through prayer and faith, or all combined? I want to feature YOU. I am recruiting individuals who have a short story of healing to share and declare. If you wish to have an article on my website's newsletter (monthly feature) please feel free to let me know via text or email. Your story would be so inspiring, encouraging and I am sure it would be valuable to many in their own journey of healing. It may just be that someone needs to read what you went through in order to change their life.

Please do not be shy, it does not have to be elaborate, whatever your heart tells you. I just know that you will be able to touch the lives of others through your words <3

Email me, no time to waste people need to read about you! Lots of love! <3