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No need to suffer in agony!

Nov 5, 2017

Organic Mullein Verbascum thapsus & Critical EO Care For Hemorrhoids.
Skin Soothing
Applying mullein oil directly to irritated areas of skin may help you to find relief from the discomfort associated with conditions such as a rash, burns, cuts or blisters. Because mullein is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it will also help with any skin conditions caused by bacteria or inflammation.

Joint Pain Relief
The anti-inflammatory effects of mullein can help to ease the pain associated with joint or muscle pain by reducing inflammation and swelling.

One of the most popular oils used to help us fend off ear infections. Also makes a great topical oil for skin conditions, including sores and boils.
Wounds: Mullein oil can be used to help wounds heal when applied externally. Ear infections: Mullein may be used to treat ear infections. Hemorrhoids: Mullein may be used to treat hemorrhoids.

From $7.50

Organic St Johns Wort & Helichrysum "All in 1 " Health Salve.
This nurturing salve is much sought after for it's ability to support the healing of nerve inflammation and pain in the body such as that suffered from shingles and sciatica. Also, it has proven beneficial in decreasing swellings, varicose veins, inflammation, nerve pain, neuralgia, minor wounds, sprains, bruises, arthritis, sore muscles and aches. Frequently used as a breast massage remedy especially after radiation treatments.

From $8.00

NEW Organic Aloe Critical Caring EO Blended Hemorrhoids Gel - Itch & Swelling
A convenient and efficient way to treat the swelling and itch of distressing Hemorrhoids. Organic Aloe Critical Caring EO Blended Hemorrhoids Gel to help relieve Itch and Swelling.

From $6.00

NEW! Critical EO Care For Hemorrhoids
A light and soothing blend to help ease the itching and swellings from Hemorrhoids.

From $6.50