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Getting ready for belly bloat? Revised.

Nov 18, 2017

With the approaching Thanksgiving festivity it's common sense to stock up your herbal pharmacy with fresh herbal tea equipped for tackling even the most over filled bellies and overindulgence. Here are a few of my tasty testers to ease your tum this year. Remember, if you cannot tolerate a herb or two I can adjust the formula to suit your needs when possible. This is all about YOU feeling the benefit. Lots of love <3


Organic Nailed it Nausea Soothing Tea - Cancer, nausea, morning sickness. Anti-nausea tea for pregnancy, patients enduring chemo or other harsh treatments, ulcers, acid, indigestion, stomach inflammation, gastric irritation or severe upset stomachs.

From $3.50

   Organic Amber's Herbal Bitters - Digestive.

Bitter herbs are one of herbal medicine’s great contributions to human health. In simple terms, this refers to herbs that have a bitter taste, ranging from mildly bitter yarrow to fiercely bitter rue. Absinthin, a constituent found in wormwood, is so bitter it can be tasted even at dilutions of 1 part in 30,000 parts of water. The strong flavour is often attributed to a “bitter principle,” which can be a volatile oil, an alkaloid, an iridoid, or a sesquiterpene.

From $3.50

   NEW! Organic Blackberry Tea - Inflammation. Mouth/Throat/Gut/Skin

Blackberry tea has proven beneficial as a remedy for diarrhea, a gargle for throat inflammations and a compress for wounds and rashes. This delicious herbal tea also helps regulate both heavy and light menstrual flow and is a gastrointestinal soother.

Since ancient times the leaves of the blackberry plant have been used curatively, especially throughout Europe and Asia. For example, two thousand years ago, the Roman army doctor Galenos had his soldiers chew blackberry leaves to strengthen gums and build up physical resistance; today we know it was the vitamin C and tannins in the leaves that he was counting on to boost immunity and heal wounds.

From $0.50
NEW! Organic "Battling Belly" Herbal Tea Abdominal Cramps & Mild Diarrhea

This tea regulates bile flow and relieves intestinal cramping and mild diarrhea. It is also a first-aid remedy for queasiness and nausea.

From $0.50

   Organic " Gut Feeling " Gastrointestinal Tea Formula

A blend of soothing, warming, comforting herbs to ease the discomfort of an upset stomach especially from over indulgence, gastro infections, stomach flu and toxicity. This will line the stomach and intestines to create a more harmonious flow.

From $3.50

   Organic Digestive Comfort Tea " 4 Seed Wonder Brew "

This " 4 Seed Wonder" formula can help eliminate gas, bloating, nausea, sickness from over eating, fullness, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, it breaks down the digestion of fatty rich foods, eases stomach aches and pains, colic, nervous stomach, it calms symptoms of food poisoning, many other stomach and digestive complaints can be soothed by this delightfully flavorful little mix.

Mild enough for children and the elderly and it is gentle enough for your pets too.

From $3.50

   Organic Peppermint & Seeds Relief - Gas & Wind Remedy.

We all get a little gassy or suffer trapped painful wind from time to time, so to avoid those embarrassing moments it may be best to take this gentle tea before any great event.

This is a good formula for colic, tummy aches, upset stomachs, sickness, diarrhea and intestinal pains in children and also this can be wonderfully beneficial to the elderly and convalescing.

From $3.50

   Organic " Delicate Balance" IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome Formula.

Organic " Delicate Balance" IBS Bowel Formula. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), is a debilitating disorder of the intestines that comes with abdominal pain, cramps,gas and bloating, and irregular bowel movements.

From $2.00

   The Ultimate Organic Sore Inflamed Stomach Formula

The ultimate sore "sootha" stomach brew will help a variety of gut and intestinal ailments raging from upset stomach, to irritated, gastritis, ulcers, painful wind, serious bloating, severe constipated, diarrhea, nauseated, stomach bugs and infections, IBS and other debilitating intestinal conditions. This brew was devised by a famous Australian herbalist who had momentous success with this preparation over his life time, I am just bringing it back for the benefit of others. I drink this myself, it's utterly amazing.

This formula is also extremely good for those going through the after effects of chemotherapy, it can help settle the stomach and alleviate some debilitating symptoms.

From $5.00

   Organic Fresh Chamomile - For Anxiey, Sleep, Immune, Inflammation.

Chamomile is also well-renowned for its tranquilizer effects and, as such, it is often used to help combat anxiety and insomnia. The constituent apigenin may be the active ingredient responsible for chamomile's anti-anxiety and sedative powers. In addition, chamomile tea can promote a real relaxing effect after a hectic day.

When taken internally, British researchers discovered that this sweet aromatic herb can enhance the immune system by stimulating the infection-fighting white blood cells. As such, chamomile tea may be helpful if you have a cold or the flu. It certainly does no harm to try several cups

From $3.50