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Dry? Organic "Juicy" Jojoba & Rose Flower Water.

Jan 11, 2018

Organic "Juicy" Jojoba Seed Oil & Rose Flower Water.

Now a lower price, yippee!!! Spray away the winter dry skin.

Please state your choice of scent and mood enhancing effect.

Natural Jojoba - all skin
Ylang Ylang - Aging skin, calming fears
Chamomile Wild Geranium - Dry, flaky skin, sleep and healing
French Lavender - Irritated skin. calming mood
Wild Rose vanilla - Sensitive skin, sensitive mood
Mixed Citrus Refresher - Oily skin, wake up emotions
Essential Vanilla oil - Tense mood and skin associated reactions ( worries and work stuff, PMS!)

Light enough to easily spray from a bottle, taking all the effort out of lotion application.

Perfectly balanced, this moisture spray provides softening, soothing support for dry skin of all types using the power of highly concentrated organic jojoba seed oil, which virtually mirrors the skin’s own natural oils.

This liquid gold soother absorbs deeply, leaving skin feeling extra soft, silky and smooth.

Boosted with a host of other skin loving ingredients
A perfect fit for all including men and children, it benefits all skin types, especially dry, mature and sensitive types.

Balanced for the skin’s pH between 4.2 to 5.8

Ingredient Stars

organic jojoba seed oil
organic virgin coconut oil
organic aloe vera leaf juice
rose distillate
White willow bark extract
Vitamin E