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By the way!

May 2, 2018

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What can we get Mum (or Mom) this year. Let me offer these suggestions.

DMAE facial serum in my new beautiful glass apothecary dropper jar - Keep her young!

Organic DMAE & OptiMSM Skin Perfecting Anti-Aging Serum

Srpay away the cares of her day! Organic Supreme Skin Juicy Lemongrass & Pomegranate

Organic White Willow Bark, MSM & Menthol Spray For Body, Legs & Feet

Organic "Skin Cooler" Menthol Splash Toner & After Shave Soother

Organic "REEL" Fruit Oil Toner Spray Age Spots/Wrinkles/Acne/Skin Tonic

Organic Runny Honey Rosewater Bathing Milk - Prevents Premature Aging

Now take her to the soap bar and le'ts choose some relaxing scents.

Organic Fairies Dust - Perfumed Bar

Organic LoveStuck Vegan Beauty Butter Bar & Pink Clay

InnoScent Perfumed Butter Bar

Organic Musk bee honey - Healthy skin food.

Tea always helps to calm the storm.

English Ginger Nuts - Sweet Medicinals

Organic Astragalus & Elderberry "Roots & Fruits" Strenghtening Brew

Rosehip Remedy - Wellness Tisane. Healthy For Children Too!

Organic Energizing Breakfast Brew. Wake Up Brain Formula.

Organic Rooibos Green & Lemongrass Tea - Anti-oxidant cleanse