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Organic Iceland Pear Hand & Body Butter Whip.

May 11, 2018

Smells like heaven in a jar and works like a dream.

Beautiful, soft hands and silky skin await with this lovely, absorbent whip

A rich, non-greasy, antioxidant-packed hand and body whip. Vanilla bean extract, cardamom and Iceland pear give the whip an invigorating scent.

My tip! I put this onto my face when I am feeling exhausted or when my skin feels dry ( usually both) it works wonders. it works well as a skin primer, leaving your skin very smooth and silky.

Supple and non-greasy feel, no more icky sticky!
Green tea and pomegranate extracts act as skin supportive antioxidants, anti-aging favourites.
Cardamom and pear scent is delicious, also added is real vanilla bean.
Naturally preserved
Works wonders on winter dry hands,feet, skin or any one in the profession where hand cleansing is a must and chapping is imminent.