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Amber's Organics LLC Newsletter. > I don't meant to BUG you, but....
I don't meant to BUG you, but....

May 14, 2018

... have you tried my new bothersome bug spray yet? Yes, it's that time of the year, they are out to get us again....mosquitoes!

Yes its - Vegan Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Gluten-Free Too.

My formula contains no Deet, non GMO, non toxic and filled with essential oils to repel the nasty nippers. The soothing jojoba spray also aids in skin recovery after bites, soothing and healing with natural antiseptic oils. It is perfectly balanced, this easy to use moisture spray provides softening, soothing support for dry skin of all types using the power of highly concentrated organic jojoba seed oil. A Summer must!

No more harsh chemicals for us because skin preservation is a must!