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New? Four new body powders, nice!

May 19, 2018

New! Honey bee Oatmeal Dusting Powder

We want your body to have the very best, to be able to offer a wonderful natural handcrafted powder- It is a joy knowing that this pure product is not harming your skin or environment. Delicately fragrant yet never over powering, suits any skin type, ideal for irritated skins and skin ailments.

From $9.00

   New Scented Wildflowers Dusting Powder

This is a lovely sweetly scented delicate powder for any kind of rash or irritation the essence of scented wildflowers will sooth and cool.

From $9.00

   NEW! Lavender Lemongrass Dusting Powder

No Corn or Talc and Non-GMO. Aspen Bark Extract added for anti-microbial activity (this is not intended to be a claim to heal or treat skin ailments).

From $9.00

NEW! Nature Inspired Neatest, Sweetest Rosebud Powder

If you like my boho rose soap then you will just love this to compliment that lingering aroma Scented with the same natural fragrance this one is for the devoted powder puffers! No corn, no talc, no aluminum, no hassles! Silky and smooth and accommodates the most sensitive skins.

From $2.50