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 Vegan. No Added Phthalates. No Added Parabens, No Added Palm, No Added Gluten


 Nuture your self or those you love, with a good day in teh garden, sowing, planting and harmonoizing your soul with the earth, it is free healing and much cheaper than therapy, plus you get to grow fo


I am a supporter of the earth, I aim to grow and nurture not only plants and fellow creatures, but each other. I have a devotion to all that is righteous and good, wholesome and pure and an aversion to GMO growing and the mutant destruction of our food sources, land and any inhumane treatments of Man or beast. I choose only heirloom seeds and strive to ban that which seeks to desecrate us and our natural life. I believe nature should be allowed to flourish and only lovingly restored and replenished. I encourage others to become educated and knowledgeable enough to seek sustainable ways of living, reliant on their own means. I seed save and uphold the storehouse, I utilise, and I recycled, reuse, restore, we celebrate living frugally in a world of excess, I honour our planet and respect her resources and use them with conscience care. I am Amber's Organics LLC


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Amber's Organics LLC Newsletter. > Organic Jiaogulan Immortality & longevity tea
Organic Jiaogulan Immortality & longevity tea

May 30, 2018

Finally, after a long search! I can offer you one of the most famous and fascinating creations from the Earth's pharmacy.

The word "longevity" is sometimes used as a synonym for "life expectancy" in demography. However, the term longevity is sometimes meant to refer only to especially long-lived members of a population.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum, jiaogulan, Fair-trade, energy booster, adaptogen, antioxidants, polysaccharides

Energy and endurance.
Resists Immune suppression and restores healthier immune function.
Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Liver Damage
Has Potential Preventive Effects on Myocardial Infarction
Jiaogulan Linked to Nitric Oxide Production in Blood Vessels
Found to be an “anti-thrombotic agent.
May Produce Higher Coronary Flow and Lower Heart Rate
Jiaogulan Linked to More Efficient Cardio Function