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Skin damage, dry hair, bugs, it's all fun!

Jun 26, 2018

Yes, it's summer again! It's that time of year when we all want to get out and about to mingle and mix in this glorious weather with its lingering evenings. Now here is the down side. As with all things in life it can never be taken for granted that there will be opposition even from our beloved natural habitat.

Yes, sun causes damage to our skin, sea water and chlorine filled pools cause our hair to be brittle, dry and lack shine, and bugs will not stop feasting upon our over heated blood. This week, I have been considering what little emergency kit you might need for your travels or just for your day to day survival. Here it is!

Bothersome bug spray - Why? Bugs cannot stand the natural essential oils blend an added plus is that your skin will be soothed even if they do bite, the oils protect the skin from that feverish itching. Now, what else. The beautiful light jojoba spray is so naturally hydrating for parched, dry and or burnt skin, it acts like an instant barrier to prevent skin from damage and dryness. We love it, bugs do not!

"Body Waves" Atlantic Sea Salt Spray - Why? You have to look the part on the beach, or by the pool over these summer months but without damaging your hair. This light and refreshing spray makes your hair wavy and amazingly tousled, it contains gentle blends of protecting organic aloe vera juice and moisturizing glycerin to prevent breakage and dryness, even in the blazing sun your hair is protected, and of course, you look really cool!

Organic Vitamin C Ester & Rosehip oil, & Fruit AHA Acids Serene Skin Serum - Why? Who wants wrinkles, age spots, deep lines? I like to eat prunes but do not wish to look like one! This delicious light serum can be applied as needed. I will not go out near the sun rays unless I add this to my own skin. I even use it on my hands and shoulders. It goes a long way, you'll only need a little. It works well to protect the delicate eye areas from sun damage and dehydration. My vitamin C serum provides the added benefit of antioxidant protection. Free radical damage comes from a number of environmental sources, like smoking, pollution, and especially unprotected sun exposure. I love this blend, I hope YOU see and feel the benefits too.

Organic "Skin Cooler" Menthol Splash Toner & After Shave Soother - Why? It cools, it makes your skin tingle with that menthol magic touch. I use it for my skin (arms, legs, feet, neck, face & hands) to cool down when the heat is on and my orders are late, phew! Yes, try it as a deodorant, it works to prevent the sticky, and the whiffy! Of course, for summer you'll need hair free skin and this is just excellent for pre-shave and aftershave for soothing bumpy skin. This is an essential holiday/vacation addition.

Right, those are a good start but rest assured I am thinking about what is GOOD for you all the time. More to follow in the next few weeks.

Lots of love <3 Your British Ally.