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My new Chic Vegan Lip Balm!

Aug 7, 2018

NEW! Organic Chic Vegan "Mixed up Mints' Lip Fix No Harm Balm.

My new Chic Vegan Lip Balm is truly remarkable, unlike any I have created before, luscious, healthy and lip loving, let you lips be the most beautiful and cruelty free they can be with my no harm balm. Welcome to the chic Vegan club of tender lips!

I am thrilled that I have had the time to finally creat the perfect vegan lip balm – My Chic Vegan Lip Balm. With emollient rich Organic Olive, Coconut and Jojoba Oils, pure Organic Shea Butter, and smoothing Candelilla Wax (my vegan choice), this balm brings 76% Organic content directly to your precious lips, while providing a nourishing, moisture-rich caress across your smile and radiant the gorgeousness to those around you.

You will love the smooth, light formula, which helps lock in deep hydration, without any gummy, waxy residue. Your lips stay super luscious and kissy kissy soft, and this formula is also Certified Vegan, so no chicken or piggy lips here! I added an ever so soft touch of mints to this mix for a light subtle scent, not over load of burning fragrant peppermint oil just a tender touch of your favourite pure essential oils in my mixed up mints blend exclusive only to Amber's Organics LLC.
Ingredient Super Stars

Organic light Olive Oil
Pure Candelilla Wax
Organic Coconut
Pure Jojoba Oil
Organic Shea Butter