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Hair loss? Organic "IShine" Luxurious Hair Oil

Sep 10, 2018

Now in a new glass pump bottle complete with my new labels. This is amazing, it smells beautiful with its unique blend of pure organic essential oils!

Organic "IShine" Luxurious Hair Oil - Moringa and Prickly Pear Light and Nutrient Rich Brings Hair to Life!

A luxurious and natural hair detangler, overnight treatment for unruly hair or dry scalp, or use on dry un-showered hair to liven it up and de-frizz. Packed with virgin moringa oil, prickly pear oil, bergamot, geranium, and rosemary oils for deep, natural nourishment.

I use this for multiple uses even as a protector oil prior straightening my hair. I apply it to control humidity (TX!) and calm my very fragile fly away ends. Oh, yes, I use it on my face too, it makes my skin shine, in a good way.

From $10.00