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Tea of the day! Organic Rooibos & Chia Handcrafted

Sep 13, 2018

One of the biggest problems that people of different ages face today would be that of obesity. Now, while there are people who are not necessarily obese, the process of gaining weight can be a very dragging concern since that is what it may eventually lead to becoming.

Now, there are different methods that people do in order to lose weight. You may have tried some methods yourself but have found them to be a hassle. Whether or not that is the case, it would be better to opt for ways where less effort would be demanded from you.

This is where the rooibos tea benefits weight loss comes in. While you may have heard of herbal teas that claim to make you lose weight, you should realize that this one works differently.
Rooibos Tea Benefits Weight Loss Action

The way that the rooibos tea benefits weight loss action would all come from its ingredients. This tea contains a lot of fat burning components that would prevent you from retaining fat.

Drinking this tea will also help you burn more calories. One thing you should note with the rooibos tea benefits weight loss is that it is able to work in a similar way like that of green tea.

Now, the only difference is that this tea has a better edge as it contains more of the good stuff. Therefore, the rooibos tea benefits weight loss action would come about in a faster and more efficient way for you.
Rooibos Tea Benefits Weight Loss Safety

You may have doubts with the rooibos tea benefits weight loss when it comes to taking it and seeing results. More so, you may even be worried that all those rooibos tea benefits weight loss would be just a fluke and you would end up putting your health at risk.

Well, the first thing you should be aware of would be that this tea is able to provide you with a lot of nutrients that would also be found in vegetables and such.

This means that it will feel like getting a dose of veggies in a drink. Aside from that, the rooibos tea benefits weight loss imposes no risk because you will not be pushed far from your limits because it is very safe to use.
Rooibos Tea Benefits Weight Loss

While the rooibos tea benefits weight loss may be just one of the many options you could write in a list, this one would certainly be a good choice for you to take. For one thing, all you have to do would be to just drink at least one cup of it each day to make your body get used to it.

Speaking of, there are some cases where some people attempting the rooibos tea benefits weight loss may have to adjust first.

This is simply part of the detoxifying process where unhealthy and fatty buildup in your system is being eradicated. Once ou get past the adjustment stage of the rooibos tea benefits for weight loss, then it will just be smooth sailing from there.
Benefits of Chai Tea – Protecting your Health

In your cup of Chai tea lays a world of benefits. Each leaf and each spice that flows in your teapot gives you strength and energy to lead a healthier life.

Come with us and discover how the amazing benefits of Chai tea can change your life for the better!

Flu Relief

Every time you feel those horrible symptoms of influenza knocking at your door, it’s time to brew a cup of tea! The main base of chai tea is black tea.

Therefore, it not only offers you the powerful benefits of black tea, but also a little extra help from those amazing spices!

Along with black tea leaves potent antioxidants, ginger, for example, comes in great aid to ease sore throats and colds and it is also a great treatment of fever.
Improves Digestion

If you suffer from digestion problems, this may very well be the tea for you!

Chai tea is a great drink to help you dissolve excess stomach acidity, blending the amazing antioxidants present in black tea with a combination of spices that are just perfect for digestive distress.

Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and pepper offer you a special note in your tea, due to their characteristic flavour and they also promote a healthier digestion!

How amazing is that? Would you have ever imagined that a single cup of tea could help you so much? It’s definitely worth trying.
Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Drinking tea is a great way to take care of your heart. The simple gesture of drinking a daily cup of tea can make a big difference.

With each cup of tea, the high amounts of antioxidants, namely catechins and polyphenols, present in the black tea leaves, are able to lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol, thus preventing the formation of blood clots.

In addition, by drinking Chai tea, the crushed cloves may also help improve circulation. Once again spices and tea are the perfect combination to fight viruses and bacteria! Your heart will be beating strongly and you will feel healthier in no time!
Healthy Stimulant

One of the benefits of chai tea is the ability to give you a boost in the morning. If you are one of those people who don’t get very excited about getting up early to go to work, chai tea is a good choice for you!

Being a black tea blend, it contains more caffeine than the other teas. However, caffeine in tea is much healthier than that in coffee.

This makes chai tea a great coffee substitute as it gives you the energy you need to get through your day, feeling focused and relaxed at the same time!

Plus the addition of honey, much healthier than sugar, also gives you extra fuel and even more health benefits.
Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Tea has been known to reduce the growth of cancer cells and chai tea is no exception.

Again the presence of antioxidants will fight the onset of free radicals, which are responsible for DNA damage and thus the growth of cancer cells.


Organic Rooibos tea (Asoakathus linearis) organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic cloves, and organic stevia.