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Soap issues?

Oct 8, 2018

Soap issues. Let's lather things up! You need to use your full bar to gain the full benefits. I get a few customers who try a soap just once (yes, one wash) and then state it does not work for their skin. Let me tell you, you must persevere. As with anything, you need to give your skin time to adjust to the new treatment and you need to allow for the fact all things natural, or conventional need time to take effect (even Prozac!) Please be realistic before passing judgment as these are all created with your skin's benefit in mind, I understand that in this fast paced world of endless choices, jumping from one thing to the next best might be appealing but it will not serve the purpose of long term healing. If you need to ask me about your skin type before purchasing any product I am available when possible, I can make time. Also, I do have small "try before you buy" samples on offer of most items. There is no excuse, I am here to help you and want you to benefit fully from all I create, you are my priority. Lots of love <3 Your British Ally.