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Let the love, shine! Serious Hair stuff!

Jan 30, 2019

It seems like forever since I was originally going to created my line of conditioner bars. Finally, here is my first and more to follow. Yes, my new bars will lather you up like no other bar before and add sheen and shine too. I'll let me testers tell you. The reviews are about to surface!

NEW! Organic Argan Oil & Golden Chrysantheum Fetal Flowers

The AO British Blonde Collection Arrives!

Today from my new hair conditioner and shampoo line "British Blonde" These golden bars treat every hair type from dark to grey, blonde and red, thick, full, straight or curly, they have been created with more bubbles and extra conditioning enhancers including pure Golden Chrysanthemum Fetal Flowers and organic Argan oil. This is the very first bar to the exclusive and long awaited collection.

From $1.50