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Labour day? I have not forgotten! 10% off.

Aug 31, 2019

It's on, just for you 10% off!

Use code: labdy10 on orders over $30.00 until Monday 11pm

What can you try with your discount?

Try a cup of herbal tea!. You might need a relaxing cup of fresh herbal after all this stress. There is a tea for almost every ailment and teas to drink because they are just good for you. I love my chamomile at night and hibiscus when I crave that gorgeous sweet + sourness. Ask your body what it needs in prayerful mediation, it will tell you. You can mix and match with my drop down selections all kinds of single serve herbal choices and make your own customs blends. Add a English gingernut or lemon drop cookie to make your favourite tea a little bit more zesty and healthful.

Try these.
Chamomile + Peppermint
Hibiscus + Lemon Balm
Lemongrass + Fennel + Lemon
Ginger + Green tea + orange
Olive + Anise + Apple

Tea link: http://www.gardenofcures.citymax.com/herbtea.html

Lots of love <3

Your British Ally