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What's new this month?

Sep 9, 2019

NEW! Organic Walnuts Cuisine + Condiments B5, Rosehip, Jojoba + Flower Water Skin Pampering Polish

Nutshell polishing scrubs are better than you could imagine for flawless skin, but only when you make them correctly. This nutshell polish is so finely grained, there are no real “grains”, and yet it offers an invigorating, deeply exfoliating experience like nothing you have felt before. Long gone is the usual sharp, jagged pore tearing shards found in typical nutshell polishes and scrubs. This AO beauty uses natural Walnut Shell Powder, which is loaded with anti-oxidants and B vitamins. It is wrapped in Organic Aloe Leaf Juice and Organic Jojoba Oil making a beautiful blend that is simply magical on the skin: easily rubbing in and going to work on uneven, rough dry skin, then rinsing cleanly with just a hint of soft sudsing action – your rough and flaky thighs will know they have been revitalized and rejuvenated after just one use – it’s simply nutz!


   New! DMAE + Vitamin C Ester + Kaolin "Clarifine" Perfecting Clay Masque

Discover the beauty benefits behind the masque and reveal the look of deeply cleansed and toned refinement with DMAE + C Ester + Kaolin "Clarifine" Perfecting Clay Masque. Incredibly versatile, this powdered clay based masque allows your creativity to flow. You may add in whatever liquid is the hottest “must have” ingredient your apps or twitters are raving about, and bring the purifying powers of natural Kaolin and Bentonite to life, along with super toning DMAE and antioxidant rich Vitamin C Ester. Afterwards, skin feels amazingly clarified, super smoothed and dramatically revitalized.


   New! Organic Deluxe Detox Spirulina + Sea Clay + Activated Charcoal

Sea (dead sea clay) and lightening bentonite clays cleanse and clarify pores they absorb excess oil while natural willow derived activated charcoal helps to draw deep toxins from stressed skin. These hyper active ingredients increase healthier circulation, which can promote the skin's natural healing, resulting in an overall clearer, fresher complexion.


   New! No Vice-Vegan Damage Free, Colour Secure + Anti Thinning Shampoo
This deliberately gentle shampoo is Cocamidopropyl betaine, sulfate and paraben-free.The lovely lather is beneficial to scalp and hair leaving it fresh and clean, preventing hair from loss, or breakage. The product's natural components offer resistance to hairs healthier growth, unlike shampoos that strip the hair of essential growth factors this conscientious source replenishes by adding crucial Pro-Vitamin B5, Vegetable Glycerin and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to add luster and renewal.


New! Organic B Vitamin Beer Protein Prep + Hemp + Honey Shampoo Bar

Beer shampoo bar conditioners to help repair damaged hair and reinvigorate the volume of hair.


New! Blue Bite Blancmange - An orchestra of essential oils brings that icy freeze relief

NEW! Organic Chic Palmarosa Geranium Rose Skin Basting Floral Watershttp://www.gardenofcures.citymax.com/catalog/item/6017316/10417899.htm

NEW! Organic Chic Gingergrass Lemongrass Lavender Skin Basting Floral Waters

New! Chic Vegan Scent on a Roll - beautifying oils, natural fragrance.
From $7.00

NEW! Organic Délicat Goatmeal + Gousse De Vanille Avena Sativa + Goat Milk

"Goatmeal" it's a step up from my original organically grown oatmeal vanilla, this give you even more than ever before. The benefits of both oatmeal and goats milk with the soothing scent of vanilla pod (gousse de vanille) is sensational.


New! Organic Ivory English Rose - Illite Clay + Shea

New! Organic Snack e Pack - nibble/ tester/snack

Love this snack e pack. You can test each of my favourite nibbles in including my ginger cookies, lemon drops, crystalised ginger, English walnuts, dried mini strawberries, unsweetened coconut, tea bombs, in this easy to carry pack of tasty and healthful convenience. Offer these to your friends, or co workers to make your popularity status excel (It's worth a try!) The mini pack will keep hunger at bay and stop you ruining your healthy diet.

New! Vegan Soya "Spa me the details" candle.
Take off to spa land in times of stress + worry with the Aromas of luxurious pampering.

That's enough to start, I have more! I shall send your new list as soon as I have the fantastic selection completed.

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Lots of love!