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Love that hair! This serum does it.

Nov 4, 2019

The most wonderful serum for your hair (or for those you LOVE!) an exclusive, just been created (yes!) hair serum that works to make your hair even more beautiful, thick and healthy. The serum is in a glass bottle, so no worries (no plastic ) Organic Hot Locks Lux Hair Serum Hair Tonikoils Banana, Rosemary, Oat Protein, B5, it is amazing, lets get your hair back to beautiful. The serum has a lovely light fruit, banana scent that is all natural.

Use the light serum to re-hydrate damaged hair. Apply lightly to hair and leave it. Leaves your hair soft and smooth preventing breakage and damage, helps to repair split ends and controls frizz. Created to keep your hair strong.

Hair loss, falling hair, balding

Damaged, split ends


Thirsty, dehydrated hair

Lack of softness, shine.

What makes this so unique and amazing?

Pure hand-created, infused organic prime rosemary olive oil, infused to peek perfection over a period of perfected time. made to make your hair GROW! This is my miracle oil for hair loss or balding.

The AO Jar Stars

Organic Banana Juice

Hydrolyzed Oat Protein

Organic Castor Oil

Pro Vitamin B5

Organic Aloe Powder

Capryloyl Glycerin..