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 Vegan. No Added Phthalates. No Added Parabens, No Added Palm, No Added Gluten


 Nuture your self or those you love, with a good day in teh garden, sowing, planting and harmonoizing your soul with the earth, it is free healing and much cheaper than therapy, plus you get to grow fo


I am a supporter of the earth, I aim to grow and nurture not only plants and fellow creatures, but each other. I have a devotion to all that is righteous and good, wholesome and pure and an aversion to GMO growing and the mutant destruction of our food sources, land and any inhumane treatments of Man or beast. I choose only heirloom seeds and strive to ban that which seeks to desecrate us and our natural life. I believe nature should be allowed to flourish and only lovingly restored and replenished. I encourage others to become educated and knowledgeable enough to seek sustainable ways of living, reliant on their own means. I seed save and uphold the storehouse, I utilise, and I recycled, reuse, restore, we celebrate living frugally in a world of excess, I honour our planet and respect her resources and use them with conscience care. I am Amber's Organics LLC


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Amber's Organics LLC Newsletter. > Dry skin? The in thing for the skin.
Dry skin? The in thing for the skin.

Nov 12, 2019

Organic Luxury Hemp Seed Oil Lotion Face + Body. Crepey, Dehydrated, Aging, Damaged Skin.
Absorbs like a dream adds a layer of protection.

Organic Phytotherapy Power Decongestant Body Lotion Skin Breaths -You Breath.
If you have a cold/flu or any congestion this would be just right for your dry skin. It is a creamy blend of essential oil heaven to sooth and relax your sinus pressure, relieve lymphatic congestion and absorb like a luxurious dream into your dry, rough skin.

Organic Red Rooibos Tea & Emollient Extracts - eczema/acne/sensitive Skins Botanical Beauty.

[ih-mol-yuh nt]
1. having the power of softening or relaxing, as a medicinal substance; soothing, especially to the skin:

My fav. This luxurious blend is the cream to the ready for winter skin troubles. Say no more, just try it. It was made to melt into your skin, it's fantastic. It lacks for nothing.
Organic Rooibos & Green Tea Extracts
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Blue Green Algae
Organic Slippery Elm, Milk Thistle, & Marshmallow Root Extracts

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