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15% off christmas grab!

Dec 10, 2019

Just because you need a boost - 3dywnder15 15% off your orders of $30.00and over extended. Time to grab some goodies for Christmas. I shall be having some soaps on sale keep a look out.

What do they want for Christmas? Here are a few ideas.

Mum - Aloetinikal - what's her skin type? Mature, try Purple or pink. DMAE Cream|serum|Masque|Gel Collection Soap Gifts I'm Smooth Goat's Milk collection. Luxuries of London. Geranium + Lavender Exfoliant. Cranberry Pupurea. Almond Nutcraker. Organic "Perfect Intern" Red Rooibos + Rose Hips Tea Bags. Add a luxury body powder.

Dad. Does he go camping? Eco Survival Suds. Organic Pine Tar Balsam Bar - Elite Anti Sting Bite Itch Soap. Organic Frankincense, Sweet Mints & Rosemary Shampoo Restorative Bar.
He likes to look good. Organic Volcanic Sand Facial Stone Exquisite Exfoliating Scrub Bar. Organic Aloedelica Orange Panacea. Organic TONIKOILS + Hemp + Moringa + LUX Oils Hair. Organic Elder Echinacea Active Resistance Pink Tea.

Sis - Organic Melting Face Masque with Hyaluronic Acid + DMAE + Triple Tea + Plant Protein.
Bro - Organic Arnica Montana Injury/trauma/pain/aches/sprains Ointment.
Nan|Gran. Scented Wildflowers Dusting Powder.
Grandad|Grandpa - Natural Delicious Tea Bombs! Ginger Root Belly Aid. Health Snacks.

There is something for everyone and if you cannot find it just ask me I can send you a link. TEXT ME!

Lots of love.

Your British Ally