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15% off Gifts for everyone and still time.

Dec 16, 2019

There is something for everyone, and I still have a discount on my website.

Gift ideas.

Love the new LUX goat soaps these are selling out. Luxuries of London, for the coffee addict and it's so creamy. it makes your skin tighter too.

JATOX best bath salts for the season. Inhale that fresh clean scent. Excellent for stuffy colds and congestion.

Need a tea gift - Ask me! I can custom make a tea tin with tea and ginger nuts/ or a mixture of tea nibbles and the tea of the season for the one you care about. These makes the perfect gift for those recuperating or the tea connoisseur.

MELT masque - New face masque that melts on your face and leaves it so smooth and velvety soft, the perfect gift for this dry weather. If your friend works out side this is for him or her!

Shampoo bars - Never fails, the best gifts for the fast forward and on to the next project hair washing soapster!

Tense? it is Christmas! Try Skullcap tea, know for it's calmative properties, drink this before your nerves get the better of you.

Can't find what you are looking for? text me (210) 267 7326 or email me ambersoffea@aol.com I will send you the link.

New! Buy all you want, as much as you like for one AO special shipping charge of just $12.99 at checkout!

Christmas Cheer - 3dywnder15 15% off your orders of $30.00 and over, extended. Time to grab some goodies for Christmas. I shall be having some soaps on sale keep a look out.