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Its new, Pumpkin Powder!

Dec 29, 2019

Its new and so good for you. Organic Pumpkin Seed Nutritional Powder.
Start your new year with a healthy spoon of this per day.

100% pumpkin seeds (milled from raw seeds)
Vegan and grain-free
Supports healthy metabolism and muscles?
Plant Based Protein
Natural Sleep Aid
Improves Bone density
Improvement of the liver and prostate
Improvement of metabolism
Rich in Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Phosphorus.
Vitamin K
Great source of Vegan Protein
Amino acids required for muscle protein
Perfect for high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diets?

Pumpkin seed powder is a balanced source of beneficial proteins. In addition to protein, it is a great source of iron, B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber, oil, and minerals. It is an excellent supplement to help aid in the health of the prostate and can help ease insomnia.

For Men.
Pumpkin Seeds. Like oysters, pumpkin seeds are extremely rich in zinc and promote the health of the male prostate gland. ... Pumpkin seeds are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which act as a precursor of prostaglandins - hormonelike substances important for sexual health.

Pumpkin Seed Powder is considered one of the best protein products among organic foods.
Now being recognized as a Super food!

High source of vitamin K, good source of plant sterols.
Pumpkin seed powder is a balanced source of good proteins.
Pumpkin seed powder is an excellent supplement and eases insomnia.
Great sleep aid!
Mood enhancer during day, helps the winter blues.
Provides a nice restful sleep at the end of the day.
Great source of Tryptophan Amino Acid.