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Organic Scandinavian Linge-on-Berry Butter Scrub

Mar 1, 2020

It's new!

Try this out before they sell out. I only make small batches.


Vegan No Added Parabens No Added Phthalates No Added Gluten No Added Palm

If you want smooth and sweet, this is your chance. My new tart and juicy natural fresh Lingonberry scrub has found a sweet spot in every body's skin regime. A refreshing exfoliant designed for those who are looking for a boundless alternative to those scrubs solely designed ( but not exclusive to) for mature and needy skin, all while staying away from synthetic fragrances that are often found in something that smells so delectable. This luscious and delicious scrub is packed with gorgeous pure Cane Sugar, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, and Rosehip Oil which are sure to leave any skin type silky, soft and smooth, the fresh bursts of sweet tangy aroma take your senses away to the mountains of Scandinavia every time you step in the shower (visualize!)
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Organic Cane Sugar
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Pure Rosehip Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Natural Lingonberry Fragrance