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Wash your hands! Soaps for safety. 10% 0ff.

Mar 12, 2020

10% off today use Code - dis10dy Stock up on some natural cleansers and immune enhancers.

If you have to keep washing your hands they will get dry, you need to protect the skin and make sure that what yo use if safe for you and your Family. I have created an past favourite again, my lemon Eucalyptus soap it's fresh and ready for the taking, grab some while you can. Here is my list of safe products to sanitize your home and skin.

Organic Aloedelica Orange Panacea. A natural sanitizer.
Yoga mat spray (it's not just for your mat, look at those ingredients) Spray this on anything and use as a room spray.

Organic Blueberry + Pure Aloe Superfood Skin Juice. So Rich in flavonoids - Hand Sanitizer Too! (use it as a sanitizer hair gel, really)

Organic Phytotherapy Power Decongestant Body Lotion Skin Breaths -You Breath ( Bursting with anti Viral Oils) Hands and body.

Organic Juiced up Lemon + Skinshim Enhancers all over Lightener Lotion.
A natural disinfectant and it contains neem.

Blue Bite Blancmange - An orchestra of essential oils brings that icy freeze relief. If you do get ill, try massaging this on ypu glands, it does aid recovery, those ingredients are power packed immune restorative agents.

Organic Bothersome Bug Repellent Jojoba + Aloe + Rose Lotion Spray - Skin Restoring, Soothing, Pure EO Blend. I never limit this to just bugs, it was designed to eradicate much more, including, inflammatory, viral and bacterial issues of the skin.

Soaps, natural sterilizers.
Lemon Eucalyptus.
Peppermint tea tree.
Himalayan Pink Salt Minerals & Shea Butter
Organic "Skin Squad" Jewelweed, Comfrey + Colloidal Oatmeal - ER Ivy/Rash/Itch/Allergic Itch.
Organic Sinus Massage.
Organic Cedarwood Sage.
Organic CLOVElaNILLA Butter Bar
Organic Pine Tar Balsam Bar
Survival Fix SoEco Cleansing Suds Vegan,

Tea for Immunity.
Organic Scrumptious Elderberry, French Vanilla + Red Rooibos Healthful Yummy Cuppas.
Organic Chaga Mushroom + Chicory Coffee Alternative.
Organic Shitake Mushroom Medicine Tea.
Organic "AnteaBiotic" Immune Boosting Formula.
Organic Astragalus & Elderberry "Roots & Fruits" Strenghtening Brew.
Organic Astragalus "Roots Of Recovery" Energy/Tonic Tea
Organic Rhodiola Rosea " Energy Enhancing Elixir " Tisane
Organic Cats Claw "Resilience" Immune Decoction Tea.
Organic Elixir of Echinacea Immune Tea - Select your type.


Just ask me if you cannot find anything.