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The new store opens, come and visit!

Mar 14, 2020

It's open and filling up fast. I am adding new and favourite products to the posh parlour store, this one will stay! This lovely store is a sister link to my Etsy store, if you love Etsy you will probably love this even more as I will be able to list much more of what you want and be able to be a little more free in my descriptions which are restricted on Etsy and Ebay (an FDA thing) . Go and browse and see what you think. I am still working hard on the site, there are pages (tea room) to add and many products to list but feel free to let me know how this works for you. You are welcome to purchase, shipping is very affordable.


I send many prayers to you all at this very tense time of worldwide uncertainly.

Wash your hands! I have lots of good soap, sanitizers and cleansers still in stock.
I am germ free here! I have to be medically on top of it because of my own conditions, you are in safe sterile hands.
Pray, God hears even the faintest prayers.The more the stronger, there is power in numbers.
Don't panic, don't despair, it's not the end, even though at feels like a heavy cloud is looming, these things can lift as quickly as they come upon us.
All will be well.

Lots of love.

Your British Ally.