August 12, 2015 @ 11:22 PM

Many of you are asking how to use your lovely, fresh products. The labels of my products as you may be aware are all hand created and designed by myself, they are also biodegradable derived from either sugar cane or banana pulp. I leaves trees to be free!  I do add as much detail to these labels for your benefit as to how to use the individual item.  For those of you who cannot read that small print or may have your labels biodegrade too rapidly here is a quick " how to use" list.  I hope this helps, please feel free to add your personal preferences and tips.

Dry Masques -  Mix level teaspoon amount of masque on the palm of your hand with spring water, or herbal tea. Mix well, add paste to face and gently apply over face avoiding eyes and mouth, leave to DRY ON FACE (the clay turns pale) for about 5-10 min’s and gently wash off with warm water. Moisturize well.

Dry Scrubs - Mix level teaspoon amount of scrub on the palm of your hand with spring water, or herbal tea. Mix well, add paste to face and gently exfoliate in circular motions, leave scrub to DRY ON FACE (the clay turns pale) for about 5-10 min’s and gently wash off with warm water for an intense, deep facial scrub. 

Cream or Mud Masque - Use a small amount of cream or mud masque to face and spread over skin, avoid eyes and mouth areas. Leave for up to ½ - 1 hour then rinse well in warm water. For a mud masque leave until fully dry and then rinse off.  Moisturize well.

Cream Cleansers - Apply a teaspoon or more according to your preferences to a cotton wool pad, gently wipe over your face in upward motions, especially in the areas where you are prone to backheads, dirt and open pores, etc.  Leave the cleanser on there is no need to rinse off, this acts as a moisturiser and hydrator also.

TonersToner is a great step in keeping your skin blemish-free. Here's how to apply it:
1. Wash your face with cleanser, then pat dry.
2. Use a clean, fresh cotton ball or pad and apply toner to it.
3. Apply toner in downward strokes on the cheeks, nose, and chin; sideways then downward strokes on the forehead -- a rubbing or circular motion may leave dirt and oil from other parts of the face, which would negate the reason toner is used.
4. Use a moisturizer. They protect your face from over-drying (hence producing more oil to compensate for the dryness which leads to blemishes), and from pollutants in the air.

Facial Steam Herbs - Use, Add 1 - 2 teaspoons of the herbal steaming blend to 1 pint of hot water in a wide bowl and mix well.  Place a towel over your head, lean over the bowl and steam gently for a few moments then take short breathing breaks and continue till water goes cool. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOUR SKIN. Moisturize face well after each individual steam. Can be used twice per week if desired but once is preferred as a long term application.

Soaps -  I always use my soap with a exfoliating sponge. There is a variety on sale nowadays, some gentle and some a little rougher. Unless your skin is terribly fragile I would suggest you use those with my facial and body soaps, they really get things deep down clean. I also use my battery operated cleanser brush BUT I do find that the "off spin" can get into the eyes and that hurts, ouch!  After you wash apply a good lashing of hydrating moisturizer to plump up your skin.

Night Cream. Used at night because they are oilier, thicker and may not be suitable under makeup for day wear. Calendula butter cream, chocolate face cream, olive cream, green tea face and neck butter cream, these can be used at night if preferred. If used moderately they are fine under makeup but preferable on a "fresh face" so the natural extracts can penetrate into the skin without interruption creating the healing effect desired.  However, they can be adapted to your personal preferences. My suggestions are merely a guideline for you to work from

Day Cream. All carrot containing creams, grapefruit lotion, milk & honey, rosehip & hibiscus, vital vitamins and the more thin consistency creams as these are highly absorbent, non greasy and will be suited for day wear with or without makeup. Carrot and turmeric cream I would option to use at night as well. Apply it to a fresh, clean face early in your evening to allow the benefits of the cream to enrich your skin, especially with severe acne and scars. The ultimate aim is to aid your skin's recovery by correct usage of these mildly medicinal products. Skin needs to breath to recover and so very little makeup is advisable at these times whenever possible.