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December 18, 2018 @ 2:02 AM · herbs, holistic, natural health

Common Names:  European mistletoe, mistletoe

Latin Name: 
Viscum album


  • European mistletoe grows on several types of common trees such as apple, oak, pine, and elm trees. Where the term “mistletoe” is used in this fact sheet, it refers to European mistletoe. European mistletoe is different from American mistletoe, the type of mistletoe that grows in the United States and is used as a holiday decoration.
  • Mistletoe has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for a variety of conditions including seizures, headaches, and arthritis. Today, mistletoe is used in Europe as a treatment for cancer.
  • The berries, leaves, and stems of ......
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January 10, 2018 @ 5:54 AM · herbs

The hydrangea plant is commonly found around residential and business establishments, it is prized for its large clusters of blooming blue, pink, and purple flowers. Although they are native to Asia, they can be found all over the world and since they are easy to grow and maintain, requiring little outside care in the right weather conditions. Although some forms of hydrangea are toxic, certain teas can be made from specific species of hydrangea which can offer various benefits for those that drink it. This tea is sweet in flavor and usually made from the root of the hydrangea plant.

Supports Kidney & Urinary Health

For thousands of years, Native Americans have used hydrangea tea to help fight various illnesses and ailments. ...............

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