Organic Facial and Body Treatment Oils.
Small batch, freshly prepared products just for your benefit.

These small batch, freshly prepared products have been created using organic high quality organic herbs, wildcrafted essential oils, freshly harvested flowers, selected oils and soothing butters. They seep for weeks (or months) to absorb the essence of herbs while sitting in the sun (and under the Luna moon) drawing into them the rays of solar healing powers and the divine calming effects of the moon. They are skillfully hand-crafted and exclusive only to Amber's Organics there is no one else who sells or crafts these specific beautifying balms and oils, they are truly unique. My balms and oils have many restorative benefits individually and can be used on the most tender skins including children, the fragile skin of the elderly, the delicate skin of those who are ill or in recovery and of course those who just care about lookng the best they can look without adding toxins to their body. Every one deserves to be naturally beautiful and to feel good about how they look and with these freshly prepared products you can guarantee you skin will show the results of the sincere devotion I take in creating these especially for you.  

The healing balms and oils sanctuary at Amber's Organics.

NEW! Organic Chic Vegan "Mixed up Mints' Lip Fix No Harm Balm

My new Chic Vegan Lip Balm is truly remarkable, unlike any I have created before, luscious, healthy and lip loving, let your lips be the most beautiful and cruelty free they can be with my no harm balm. Welcome to the chic Vegan club of tender lips!

From $6.00

Organic Radiance Facial Oil "Baby Face" Lavandula angustifolia & Roman Chamomile Oils
Nourishing organic oils for naturally enhancing the complexion. Eliminates inflammation, irritation and unevenness by calming and restoring balance and radiance.
Contains skin beautifying oils.

From $7.50

Organic Absolute Age Essential Beauty & Hair Serum Argan Oil Anti-aging and Rejuvernator

The exquisite oil is formulated with a rich array is ingredients to cover all of your needs. 

From $8.60

Organic "Spice up the volume" Butter Lip Chic Gloss

Cinnamon Butter supports a spicy, sweet, and musky aroma. It has a mild astringent effect on the skin and adds a sweet and spicy hint and natural plumping effect on lips.

From $3.00

Organic "Brag That Beard" Oil Hair & Beard Growth/ConditionFormula

My Hair and Beard oil is absolute top quality and a welcome addition to my collection. This base is completely vegan and natural, the results are always amazing. The uplifting scent that is adored by all and is a valuable component in this formula as it helps to improve the growth, condition, and health of your glorious locks and beard.

From $7.00

Organic Rosemary Butter Shave, Beard, Hair, Body, Face Balm - Light Hydration

This light butter balm is just perfect for rich hydration before or after shaving. Can be applied to face, under arms and legs, safe to use wherever you need a quick trim.  Rosemary butter is rich and dreamy, it contains highly moisturizing properties and is filled with botanical goodness and nutrients to restore and replenish the skin.  Rosemary is the key herb for any itchy, scaly, sore, inflamed or irritated skin areas and so benefits after shave aggravation. It also contains the essential oils of antibacterial tea tree to prevent inflection and stimulating peppermint to rush new blood to the scene for faster healing. Its mild  and natural scent make it perfect for those who are chemically offended.

TIP. Use to style your hair or Man's beard, it encourages the growth and improves the condition of the hair. Use as a neck massage for tired shoulders too.

From $6.50

Nature Inspired Chamomile & Sweet Almond Butter - Dry/Itch Skin

A buttery blend containing sweet almond oil and chamomile extract which is thought to improve skin inflammation related to dry skin and aid in healing. This butter contains sweet almond oil believed to moisturize and relieve itching.  Chamomile extracts have been shown to lessen pain associated with arthritic and rheumatoid conditions. The butter can also be massaged onto stiff and painful joints to relieve inflammation

From $5.00

Organic Turmeric & Vitamin A Palmitate - Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Eye, Face, Skin Balm

Retinyl palmitate can be effective in boosting collagen fiber production in your skin, which can help you look younger.   Retinyl palmitate is about 20 percent less potent than retinol, however, If your skin is very sensitive, retinyl palmitate may be a better option for you.  With my balm I offer a higher concentration of the Retinyl Palmatate to ensure the anti aging benefits are equally apparent and reliable as Retinol but with a less aggressive experience and no dryness.

From $8.50

Organic Coconut With Turmeric Oil - Under Eye Wrinkle Balm.

Turmeric oil has vast anti-aging benefits and is used extensively in Ayurveda remedies to counteract the signs of aging, it also helps remove scaring, acne or uneven skin tones, fennel oil has a similar beneficial effect and has been known to help in the removal of wrinkles and fine lines.

Customers love this product,

From $7.50

Organic Turmeric Curcuma Longa & Citrus Oils Honey Brightening Skin Balm

Turmeric has been found to cut the skin’s melanin production. It also helps suntanned skin return to its normal shade faster. It can helps lighten the skin very gently leading to a brighter more glowing and younger appearance. Turmeric has powerful antioxidant properties, protects against environmental toxins, and has antibacterial properties.

From $4.00

New & Improved! Organic Comfrey & Calendula Dark Circle/Wrinkle Eye Balm.

My silky eye balm is specifically to use under eyes on dark circles and around eyes to smooth wrinkles and dry skin. The roots of comfrey contain allotonin, a chemical substance that promotes cell regeneration and reduces inflammation.  Comfrey promotes healing and is good for bruising as well as wrinkles, dry skin and a host of other complaints. The added Shea butter makes this silky and smooth gliding on the eye area gentle and without tugging.  The balm is best used at night to allow time for this miracle herb to penetrate the delicate skin layers and promote a new level of healing and skin regeneration.

From $4.00

Organic Essential O Lavender Vanilla Beauty Balm - All In 1

Use on your lips to replenish moisture and bring back a full youthful pout. Use on your body to richly hydrate all dryness or soreness. Use on your face at night to restore beauty to decrease lines and sooth out wrinkles. This is the all in one booster beautiful beauty balm.

From $3.99

Organic "Think big" Lip Balm Cinnamon Spiced Butter Lip Balm

"Think Big" Lip  balm ideal for girls who want a fuller pout without the use of chemicals. This spicy lip balm uses only pure and natural organic essential oils and creamy butters to create a beautiful, subtle alternative to commercial lip plumpers.

From $4.00

Organic Rose Petal Vanilla & Glycerine Lip & Cheek Balm - Soft Lips Formula & Hint Of Tint

This is a beautiful blend of freshly picked organic rose petals that have been seeped in golden olive oil for weeks to bring out the beautiful effects of the natural rose,  it is then added to pure beeswax and vitamin E to produce a delightful balm ideal for dry, cracked, sore, sensitive, damaged lips. it restores fullness and volume on and around the lips with its nourishing ingredients, it soothes and softens, smooths and defines, it reveals more young looking and beautiful lips and it's all pure and natural. Use sparingly this balm can also be used on the face or cracked sore hands or skin it is an all around balm with vast uses, carry it where every you go for a quick top up.

Now with a hint of tint and a free lip applicator.

From $3.99

Organic "Fruit Of My Lips" Soothing Shea & Cocoa Butter Lip Balm - Sweet Scents.

TIP. Use on your lips for a super soft pout and under your eyes as a night-time moisturiser or on nails for healthy nail growth.

Let the fruit of your lips be as sweet as honey to the body

Orig.: $3.99
Sale: $2.50

Organic "Enhancalisious" Breast Massage Herbal Infused Oil.

The herbal formula will also help protect and nourish the skin tissues deep within your breasts, helping to guard against infection and disease. The oils have very potent anti aging benefits to help add Lift and loveliness to your breasts.

Now with bigger bottle options!

From $7.00

Organic oil of Lemon, Apricot & Sesame - Facial Massage Oil. Dark/Age Spots

.A light exclusive oil blend for acne, blemish, scarred, discoloured, dry, wrinkled, aging, flaky and many other skins conditions. The sesame oil is a profoundly restoring oil that blends perfectly with real oil of natural skin lightening lemon. Over a period of time sesame oil fades dark spots and age spots by blocking the enzyme tyrosinase  that causes them to appear.

From $6.99

Organic Chamomile Infused Facial Oil - promotes granulation & cell regeneration
Chamomile is an ideal ingredient where inflammation may be present, such as in various skin problems, including acne, irritation and other forms of rashes and skin complaints, it also promotes granulation and cell regeneration

Chamomile contains phenolic derivatives, which have an antiseptic and healing quality, which is most helpful in relieving skin congestion. These soften the skin, making it an effective ingredient in any anti-aging cosmetic product.

From $7.00

Organic Fengreek & Sweet Almond Serum for Wrinkles/Fine Lines
A unique oil made exclusively by Amber's organics. Fenugreek oil has been used for centuries to help easewrinkles and aging skin. This exceptional oil can be used at night to enhance natural skin tone, easing sagging and deep wrinkles. The ancient Egyptians swore that this oil left the skin beautiful and without blemish!


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Organic Aloe Calendula Vanilla Feet/Legs/Hands too Balm Cracked Skin Formula

This beautifully developed product helps heal up the painful condition of cracked, inflamed or sore feet, this softens and smooths skin and hydrates naturally with essential oils of lavender and vanilla scented benzion oils, both oils are known to bring about miracle results on cracked feet aliments, they restore natural skin tone and replenish softness. The balm is best gentle massages on before bedtime for full effects but equally it can be used through out the day for relief, it is ideal kept in the fridge for a cooling effect and extra benefit.

From $8.00

Organic Coconut "Shine On" Shaving Oil. Hydrated, never Greasy.

Conventional shaving cream is an expensive cocktail of chemicals that you don't need to get a nice clean shave on your legs or underarms. My Coconut  "shine on" shaving oil, on the other hand, is inexpensive, naturally antimicrobial,  gloriously hydrating and smells delicious. Also, its skin-softening and soothing  properties will leave your legs looking naturally hydrated (but never greasy).

From $4.50

Perfumed Oil with Natural Fragrance.

Dab on these light perfumed oils instead of heavy perfumes. The beautiful scents linger all day and will also help improve the skin where dabbed.

From $7.00